Easy Workday Weight Loss: Everyday Steps to Losing Weight Naturally at Work

Weight loss requires a total approach that includes mental, social, emotional and spiritual processes. All areas must be addressed simultaneously to insure success. It must become a daily activity both at home and at work. Of course the office is not the place for spending hours weightlifting and running the treadmill. But even the busiest days do provide brief moments to do some simple calisthenics for some weight loss at work. Trying Hcg Diet in Brisbane is another great idea that works great.

Start with Breakfast

Before any daily exercise can begin, the first step is to have a good breakfast. It provides the energy necessary to start a program at work and stay with it until results begin to show on the weigh scales. And a good breakfast starts with eliminating the sugar in the orange juice, breakfast cereal and coffee. Sugar overload is a sure way to lead to a mid-morning letdown and the sluggishness that suppresses the best of intentions.

Lay Aside Resentment

Resentment and anger should be relegated to yesterday’s news. The new day should be a fresh new start. That means having more patience and being more forgiving when stuck in rush hour traffic. Road rage increases the tension that prevents the body from assimilating the nutrients from breakfast.

Park and Walk

Parking the car at the furthest spot from the office requires walking across the lot and walking is something most people don’t do enough of.

Take the Stairs

Depending on the state of fitness, taking the stairs instead of the elevator helps continue the cardiovascular exercise from walking across the parking lot.

Exercise in the Cubicle

The office cubicle can become a convenient mini-gym. There’s always time to take a few minutes off to stretch, do some leg raises, knee bends and resistance exercises. Keep a set of barbells handy. When stuck with a problem, those barbells can increases mental clarity that helps find a solution to the problem.

Drink Water instead of Caffeine

8 glasses of water or more a day helps eliminate toxins from the body. Drinking water promotes weight loss as it provides the feeling of fullness. Drinking a glass of water right before lunch will help prevent overeating.

Eat a wholesome lunch

Eating healthy food will not lead to weight gain. Bringing a lunch made at home is far better than eating at the deli or the hamburger joint. Beside the health benefit of bringing a lunch comes the savings on unnecessary expenses.

Go for a Hike

Rather than that cigarette, take a walk around the block right after lunch. It burns off some calories and provides some fresh air that helps maintain mental alertness and avoids those heavy meal afternoon fatigue.

Forgo the Coffee Break

Some companies provide a gym for their employees. The mid-morning, mid-afternoon breaks are ideal time to lift some weights. In fact, arriving before it’s time for work or staying a little later in order to use the facilities will go a long way to losing weight with the added benefit of support that similarly minded co-workers can provide.

Bring Home a Smile

Once the workday is at an end, accumulated stress can be relieved by putting on a smile. A positive frame of mind establishes a happy home environment which is conducive to weight loss program. Home life should be an oasis of calm, a place for comfort at the end of a hard day.

Weight loss is not confined to weekend activity. The working environment does require a change of how weight loss is to be achieved. But incorporating different strategies can help carry on the fight against the bulge to produce a healthy and productive life.